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Stage 1

Scroll down and move your mouse over the “loading the Picture” icon below to start the image download.

Once it is downloaded click and hold the pieces to move them around and align them. When the seams of individual pieces or groups of pieces are close together, un-click and they will attach to each other. If your off a bit  try it again.

Note: Pieces hide under others so move things around to find them all.


1. Do not navigate forward or backward on the page or you will have to start the puzzle over

2. Write down the new coordinates that are revealed when the puzzle is solved     


Once the puzzle is complete it will not disappear or anything like that but it will reveal the coordinates of the cache you are looking for. Locate the cache and record the information found inside the lid (please don't take the lid). Take a picture of the question or write the question down to answer it when you have internet access.  The card will have two question on it and a four digit code that are needed to find the Cryptex.

To see a sample clue card click here: (Note: Clicking link will reset the puzzle)        

                                                       SAMPLE CLUE CARD